E2LP Project Description


  • Systematic approach to bring more creativity and innovation into global engineering and science education
  • Provide unified platform for embedded engineering education
  • Encourage problem-solving approach for enriching personal knowledge
  • Foster creativity in interdisciplinary learning processes in computer engineering curriculum
  • Promote collaborative-education between different scientific institutions


  • Improve education efficiency in lab, with strong accent on hands-on experience
  • Adaptation of educational technologies for improved learning process
  • Introduce more interaction between the education and further R&D in embedded systems
  • New learning model for supporting growing need for embedded system engineers

Learning targets

  • Embedded microprocessors & computer architectures programming,
  • Digital signal processing (audio, video and data) and its real-time implementation,
  • Reconfigurable digital system design and testing,
  • Computer networks & interfaces and
  • System integration

Strong points

  • Single comprehensive platform for the complete curriculum
  • Open Source Library of laboratory exercises for main courses in the study program for embedded systems
  • Fostering creativity through sharing of computational tools among different curriculum subjects
  • Encouraging new knowledge generation above limitations of lab equipment with keeping focus on learning process not on platform used