learntecLEARNTEC is probably the largest education-oriented fair in Europe, mostly oriented on German-speaking countries. More than 300 exhibitors show broad spectrum of education-oriented tools for companies and universities.

More than 2000 visitors are coming from universities and industry. Mostly, there are SW/HW platforms for HR management and Knowledge management as well as publishing and Internet platforms targeting industry needs. There are also variety of educational and research organizations and government authorities from the education field. Main trends have been interactive educational and knowledge platforms, long-life educational approaches including mobile applications and gaming-oriented educational approaches from basic school up to advanced courses for industry.


E2LP took part in the 23rd international LEARNTEC 2015 trade fair and convention in Karlsruhe, Germany. This exhibition, as one of the most important international platforms for IT supported learning, attracted more than 6000 visitors and has established itself as major conference for the e-learning and professional education industry. At the conference were 110 speakers from 7 countries.

E2LP project current developments and results were demonstrated at booth B73 by E2LP project consortium members. At the booth, in several project demonstration sessions we thematically presented Unified platform, Augmented Reality Interface and Remote Lab. As part of a Trend forum session, we had the opportunity of presenting E2LP to the LEARNTEC audience. Both events were well-attended by experts and potential users from the world of e-learning.

LEARNTEC 2015 established an ideal marketing channel for the E2LP project, and provides an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing experiences in the application of technology in the learning cycle. This was also supported by the rather high number of interested listeners, who attended E2LP booth and presentation session.