Institute Rudjer Boskovic organizes hands-on E2LP workshop

Gaining skills in electronic and computer engineering necessarily entails experience with a wide range of state-of-the-art technology. 

Familiarizing students with the technology still has the same ultimate goal - to teach them to use components to solve well-defined engineering problems. However, the additional workload required to get used to a new hardware platform can be immense, and the whole process of education inefficient.

e2lp box smallIn order to reduce the learning curve of development of electronic systems, E2LP EU FP7 project has developed a unified platform sufficient for the overall education of new engineers, which includes not only hardware components, but also a start-up kit with all the required specifications, details, proposed curriculum and elaborated laboratory exercises. Possible applications of the platform are not limited to the classroom; it has its place in development of embedded computing systems based on FPGA or microcontroller components in general.

This workshop will introduce participants to the E2LP platform in order to demonstrate its application, and allow them to design electronic circuits on the platform. In addition, Remote Lab system for remote platform operation, developed as part of the project, will be been demonstrated during the workshop.


More information and registration for the workshop available at Institute web site.