Basic set of exercises

Start-up Kit Catalogue

The Start-up Kit Catalogue is the web edition of complete E2LP laboratory exercises (library).  It is structured in the form of user friendly catalogue with implemented GUI, adapted for publication and opened to the general public who wants to use E2LP platform for education and beyond. Start-up Kit Catalogue is also a communication channel that will benefit the students allowing them to be informed about best practices as well as being able to distribute and share experience and knowledge through forums with other students and users.

Topic coverage by exercises

The student’s engagement in laboratory assignments is defined on three complexity levels i.e. basic exercises, problem solving exercises and projects solution exercises. Basic exercises are well-defined assignments in which the solving process and expected results are known in advance and the learners can check if they arrived at the correct solution (often used in the first steps of learning a new subject, for example, learning new software or hardware, drill or practice). Problem solving exercises are open-ended small-scale tasks in which the students might arrive at different solutions or use different solving methods (must meet given specifications and constraints). Projects solution exercises are challenging ill-defined tasks in which the students take part in determining both the objectives and the required resources for a system’s development

The Catalogue presents seven different topics students can explore:

  1. 1.Computer networks and interfaces (CNI)
  2. 2.Computer system design (CSD)
  3. 3.Digital signal processing and its real-time implementation (DSP)
  4. 4.Digital system design (DSD)
  5. 5.Embedded microprocessors & computer architecture programming (EMCAP)
  6. 6.System hardware (SHW)
  7. 7.System software (SSW)


Start-up kit catalogue can be found at