E2LP Platform

The centrepiece of E2LP platform is E2LP Baseboard with two accompanying extension boards. The main idea behind the development of these new boards is the lack of a unified platform which could be used throughput entire curriculum of embedded systems engineering study programme.

1. E2LP Base Board

The E2LP Base Board, based on low cost Spartan6 Platform FPGA surrounded by a comprehensive collection of peripheral components, provides the central point of the E2LP platform to which all other parts are connected. It provides a basic user interface, storage, multimedia, communication and debugging interfaces for the platform.

The key building modules of the E2LP Base Board are:

  • Spartan6 Platform FPGA
  • ARM Control processor
  • Mezzanine extension connectors
  • DDR, Flash and SD Card memories
  • User interfaces: LEDs, switches, buttons, LCD
  • Multimedia modules: video encoder & decoder, video DAC output, HDMI
    • Communication interfaces: UART, Infra-Red, USB, Ethernet.



1. NXP ARM Extension Board

The E2LP Extension Board based on NXP Semiconductors ARM LPC2368 microcontroller consists of ARM7TDMI-S processor and is surrounded by a basic set of peripherals (sensors and communication devices). It can be used as a standalone development board which provides the means for basic embedded software development or as an extension board connected to the E2LP base board using FPGA mezzanine connectors (FMC).

E2LP ARM LPC2368 Extension Board consists of:

  • LPC2368 microcontroller
  • DS18S20 High-Precision 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
  • LM386 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
  • BMA250 digital accelerometer and I2C
  • Snapwire connector with 8-pins
  • Push-button switches, rotary encoder and LEDs
    • TJA1040 High speed CAN transceiver.

When connected to Base Board through Mezzanine connectors additional functionalities become available.


 arm extension board


2. Marvell ARMADA 1500 Extension Board

The extension board based on Marvell ARMADA 1500 provides the extension to the E2LP platform suitable for implementing laboratory exercises in the field of digital signal processing, real-time system software, computer networks and system integration. The extension board can use all the resources from the E2LP Base Board through Mezzannine connector and in addition to that, it can use its own USB, HDMI, LAN, Flash and DDR3. ARMADA can be programmed via JTAG interface through the Base Board and connected to PC for debugging and execution.

 armada 1500

3. Proto-board extension

The proto-board extension provides a simple interface to every user pin on FPGA, with all general-purpose pins connected to the Mezzanine left open. This board can be used as a general laboratory tool in electronics and allows large flexibility of designs which can be made on it either by a teacher or by a student. Using this board must be done with care in satisfying the requirements of FPGA in order to achieve correct functionality of the system.

box-grey m armada m NXP-arm m NXP-single mode m protoboard m

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