Remote lab

Remote Laboratory is a service, which enable students to access the laboratory equipment and execute remote operations to carry out exercises. The main goal of RL was implementation of instant feedback from remote mother E2LP board in a way that user would operate with the real board as if it was connected locally. This functionality was a purpose to develop the GUI web interface of E2LP board front panel that exactly reflects the real board, which has connections to real signals from the real board.


The main advantage of proposed E2LP RL framework (Figure below) is a possibility for students to interact with the real E2LP platform interfaces, implemented as a web services in Moodle and work with software applications, on the same operational level like they are actually operating the same tools and instruments in classic lesson in laboratory.



  • user friendly form of open source library of exercise and integration into Curriculum
  • no requirement for users to have a specialized software
  • unified framework, easily customize to academic course needs
  • distance learning with secure access to platform resources
  • advanced booking system enables to reserve a time slot for individual remotely tests of the solution
  • advanced LabView based Web Services provide remote access to physical signals of the 2 E2LP Mother Boards
  • evaluation and guidance in education process

Fully operational distance exercises performance

  • opportunity for students to interact with the real E2LP platform interfaces, integrated as a web services in Moodle
  • the same operational level of exercise execution, the same tools and instruments like in classic lesson in laboratory
  • E2LP Remote Laboratory enables users to remotely control and configure the board directly from their computer at home, having instant visual feedback





Remote laboratory guideline for future users

User guide for course creators